Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dan is the Dad and he is Rad

This guy that can make her laugh 'til she cries. Literally.
The Rexburg air show with the Allreds. Such fantastic friends we have here!!

I love how in the top picture they are making the same exact face. 
Well we love this guy a whole heap! 
He does so much around the house to help out (cleaning, cooking, making decisions), he's always willing to go get me ice cream, a great walking companion, and a full time PSR worker. He even fixed his very own Father's day dinner... and did the dishes. PLUS he was sick. I did have plans of making a fun dinner for him but then those plans changed and we improvised. 
We took our traditional front door picture again and this time it's Peterson Pointe 300. Dan, like I said, was sick so he didn't go to church---hence the sloppy clothes and non-showered appearance. 

I have written quite a few times on this here blog about why I love dan, so this time I decided to ask dan his feelings on why he's the best... here they are. haha enjoy

Dan says his 5 best qualities are: 
1. He's better looking than most guys, in fact, he's really ridiculously good looking
2. He knows all the songs/words to Tangled
3. He can clean a gun in the blink of an eye
4. He can make a mean BBQ chicken pizza
5. He's successfully won the heart of the two most beautiful girls.

I think I can agree with more than a few of those. :)

And now some pretty freaking cute videos of our Stori Rose. (FYI my "hat" is actually her sipper cup)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pregnancy update

30 WEEKS!! Goodness gracious that's a long time that I've been pregnant. 
And so weird that I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. You would think my giant belly would help with remembering that. I guess the trick is to have a 22 month old who is attached to you at all times.

Anywhoo, here is my update...
*We have finally decided on a name! The only reason we would change the name is if:
 (a. we find a better one, duh. 
(b. if Kate Middleton uses the same name
(c. if we discover it also sounds good with Kardashian

But we are fairly confident that no famous person will be using this name any time soon. 
(And if they do, it's because they saw how cute our little girl is with this name).
*I see the Dr. every 2 weeks now
*I passed my glucose test 2 weeks ago
* At my Dr. appointment today, I was measuring 1 week behind (boo!) and my baby is measuring a week ahead so maybe it will all even out?

I grabbed this little questionnaire from babycenter because I keep forgetting to update about my pregnancy and this should be a good way to formulate my thoughts--because let's be real, my pregnancy brain is kind of fried. So here goes. 

How far along: 30 weeks!
Total weight gain: rhymes with shmineteen
Maternity clothes: yes and no. I only own a few maternity outfits. Most of the time I'm in my yoga pants and a t-shirt.
Stretch marks: Just the few from last pregnancy around my belly button so far.
Sleep: amazing! I haven't really needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night yet, and I'm still pretty comfortable. Plus Stori sleeps 12 hours at night which is fantastic.
Best moment of this week: Dan taking the LSAT and hanging out with friends. (my answer is not pregnant related, but then again remember how I keep forgetting I'm pregs...)
Miss anything: sleeping on my stomach!!!!
Movement: SO much movement. My belly looks like something is literally trying to come out of it at times. We call it the baby wave or baby roll, because she will start on the right side of my belly and we will watch as she literally moves my whole stomach as she ends up on the left side! Coolest feeling ever.
Food cravings: Oddly enough, haven’t felt as hungry as usual this past week..maybe I’m beginning to run out of room in there! And I would also say ice cream, but that's nothing new to pregnancy.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just Obama
Have you started to show yet: OHHH YEAHHH!
Gender: Girl!!
Labor signs: A few Braxton Hicks, but those have stopped now that I've stopped running. We walk 5 miles/day now instead and that has helped. And the Dr. told me to take Magnesium pills and those work great also. 
Belly button in or out: OUT! and has been since about week 12. I like to make people feel it. haha
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: This is probably a question for Dan to answer. I choose happy though. :)
Looking forward to: All of my family coming to visit starting next week!
And now for my first ever dreaded-selfie. and to make it even worse, it's in a MIRROR! 
I'm so ashamed. 
Plus, I think my stomach is bigger in real life. I will have dan take one later and hopefully replace this nastiness.
P.S. I just had to include this picture of Stori. She got this shirt at a 6 months Dr visit and it just now fits... somehow it's a lot creepier now that she's almost 2 hahaha...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer days that are actually still our Spring days.

Spring is technically the current season,
but summer makes me happy, and this be the reason...

Bike rides and walks, fill up our morning,
playing with my red-head never gets boring.
Dan's work is ending earlier in the day,
making it easy for all three of us to play.
My friends in Rexburg are pretty dang cool,
we walk, we talk, and we swim in shasha's pool.
When Stori wakes up, she asks for the slide,
and doesn't even complain about the long stroller ride...

This summer is going to be great like the rest,
cause my family is coming soon and they are the best.
Also this summer, you best not forget,
we're having our second baby and gettin in major debt...

Dan takes the LSAT tomorrow and that's fine,
but after it's over we are going to party like it's 1999.
we find out in July how he scored,
and hopefully get's into the only school he toured...     (BYU)

Other fun things to look forward to this summer (that I can't get to rhyme).
-July 4th festivities
-Astoria Rose turns 2
-Mel turns 28
-Dan and Mel celebrate 4 years of awesome marriedness
-Baby Rad 2 gets born
-Dan turns 29
-many nights of porch sitting
-endless bonfires and BBQ's

And not so cool things for the summer
-Friends moving away. Stupid friends! Who needs them anyway... 

his story-telling skills are very entertaining 
still crossing her little leggies
painting inside cause she's sick while her friends play at the park