Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We moved!

^^ first stop was Macy's for ice cream! We missed our Macy's and carty carts!
^^there was barely enough room for the kids to fit with all our stuff packed.
^^moving in shenanigans 
^^celebrating our new house at Los Hermanos 
^^ our backyard. Excited about doing a small garden next year. Right now there are cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, and a PEACH TREE!!! 
^^our front door is so cute! (I made this unfinished wreath...still need to add an 'R'). But I love having a peep hole in our door!

So lucky to be in downtown Provo and got lucky with our ward too!!
There is a BYU couple living in the basement.. Well half of the basement. The other half is unfinished, which works out great because the part they live in is under the part of our house that is carpeted.. The hard wood is a little creaky.
We love the colors of our house. And the original hard wood floors! It's only 2 bed one bath, but we save about $250/month by living here. And we have 2 big storage sheds to put bikes, boxes, oh and our washer and dryer! Haha! Ya, they are out in the shed. Better than not having them I guess. It's all one big fun adventure.
^^no garage or covered parking, but who do we think we are? Certainly not real adults yet... Maybe one day!
Our living room is HUGE, but our kitchen is not. Just as well, since I'm not very good at cooking/baking! I love it's old house charm though, and I'm having fun decorating it! This house is giving us a lot of ideas for what we want and don't want in a future house. hint: washer and dryer shall not be in a shed, and a  wood burning fireplace is a must! 
We love this new home adventure, and LOVE living in this part of Provo! Hopefully this will be our home for the next 2 years.
Side note: Stori says she likes our old house best. I'm not gonna lie, I really liked that condo too... But I think what I actually liked about it was the fun memories associated with it. It was our first taste of law school, sylvie's first steps, stori off to primary, all the parks and best friends made, walking distance to DI, toddler crafts, stori's first hair cut, and where we came home after all of our new adventures. It was good to us. Now let's hope this house is even better to us! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sweet little 2 year old

August 14th.... Goodnight that was a long time ago! 
Note to self: when going to Idaho for 4 months, take computer! 
 I'm STILL trying to get caught up and it is very hard to post when all the pictures I want to post are on dans hard drive. But post I must!
So on sylvie's birthday is where I will start. 
Some facts about my girl!

*She said her first quotable sentence while in Idaho. Dan was pointing his camera at Sylvie and asked her to smile, and she said, "No Daddy, I say cheese!" Caught me off guard and we laughed! 
*while I was fixing her hair, she grabbed the black and green brush and said, "a daddy." Then grabbed the sparkly pink brush and said, "a mommy!" Then the 2 brushes played together :)
*favorite show is "bell" (tinker bell)
*favorite food-'popparts' (ya, I'm a cool mom... Ha #momfail)
*favorite song-'bemple' (I love to see the temple)
*favorite toy: baby sunrise (baby sunsets sister...sunset is stori's baby).
*favorte animal: 'hawsee'
*best friend: me. obvs! She can't leave my side.
*favorite princess: 'rella' (Cinderella)
*will NOT eat meat! She will be eating something and loving it...until we sneak a piece of turkey or chicken in, and then she spits it out and says , "that's yuck!" How? Why??? 
*loves to play pretend with big sis
*loves to tackle big sis and then they both have laughing fits 
*loves shoes!!!
*says so many things I can't list them. Understands what we say and gets so excited when she says a new phrase that we understand! She claps and giggles when we repeat it back to her!
----we love telling her 'thank you' just so we can hear her say, "you're WELLLLLC" in the SWEETEST voice ever! 
*overall sweetheart! Such a sweet, sometimes shy little 2 year old. If stori ever cries or feels sad, she is the first one to go to her and just sit and hug her until she feels better. Sometimes stori milks it so she can get more loves! ;)

For her birthday, we did a little party while dans parents were in town. She loved all the presents and attention! :) she sang happy birthday to herself, and blew her candles out like a pro---but to be honest, she should have been pro because her and stori practiced it for days. :)
We love this wittle baby so much!! 

visiting granny's work on her birthday. Baby sunrise in her arms. and the cutest softest fluffiest unicorn i ever did see, in Stori's arms. both SJ's bday presents

Sunday, September 13, 2015

6 yrs of marriage

Well Dan was being quite the sweetheart and planning a fun getaway for my birthday/anniversary.... He got people to watch our kids, and was planning on surprising me because he knew I would bail. He decided to tell me about it so I could plan.... But I had a mini panic attack thinking about it. Haha! One of these days I won't feel guilty about having someone watch our kids so that Dan and I can go on a little vacation....maybe! Haha I hate putting people out and I would miss my kids so much! :)
So instead, I got my mom to watch the kids during nap time and I took him shooting. It was so much fun! While shooting, we realized how insanely hot it was outside and decided to go home and get my mom and the kids and go to rexburg Rapids! It was the perfect weather and soooo much fun! 

Josh sent us this picture! Isn't that cute! :)
Dan sure makes me happy and I love being married to a man that isn't afraid of telling me that he loves me all the time! Plus he's pretty cute and smart and funny too... This red head sure got lucky!