Saturday, February 22, 2014

On the average day...

We spend a good portion of our time lounging in our "Cat's Jammers"

Eating goldfish

Watching shows (Dan was quite proud the day she asked for Star Wars)

Playing as best friend twins

Flying El Chupacabra

Occasionally wondering out into the frozen land

Frequently licking the guacamole bowl clean

And always waiting for Daddy to get home... he can terrorize his girls for 2 straight hours. 

Heavens to Betsy's it's a good life.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014


                           ^^^Valentines 2013                                            ^^^Valentines 2014

Last Valentines Day we announced to the world that we were pregnant with BabyRad2. 
This Valentines Day we announced that BabyRad2 is 6 months old

I feel like we have always had SJ in our lives. She is the perfect addition to our little family, and she is practically perfect in every way. 

6 month stats: 15 lbs. (28%) 26.5 in. (75%)

+We did sleep training this week and she mastered it on the first night. We took away her binky, we stopped wrapping her up like a burrito, and I have her last feeding at 7:30pm. So now she sleeps a solid 13 hours!!!! It is amazing!!! Truly.
The trick... Astoria's Princess Rapunzel doll. Stori is so nice to share it with her. It took her a few days to be willing to share, but now she is fine with it since she got Jesse for Valentines Day, and El Chupacabra for on her daddy-daughter date.
I secretly wish we hadn't taken away her binky cause she is so cute with it, but she doesn't seem to mind yet. (I guess she is pretty cute without the binkers also)

+She is so smiley and it is so easy to make her laugh. The Dr. even commented on what a calm and sweet demeanor she had. I don't EVER recall that being said of Stori :)

+Her hair is still growing and growing and to be honest, I don't know how to fix it. It just does whatever it wants & I think it might be curly...
+She has also started to eat baby food. I feed her fruit in the morning and a veggie at night. her favorites so far are bananas and carrots. 

but not so much peas

+She has also started to give big squishy hugs! She wraps her arms around your neck and buries her head on your shoulder. Her kisses aren't as intense as Stori's were, but I love them just as much. :)
She is too cute for words, and my heck I wanna squish her every minute of every day! I love her so dang much! She is a celebrity EVERY. WHERE. WE. GO. and everyone wants to take her home. 

Happy 6 months June Bug.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All about Mr. Law School man

This guy.........

......... just got accepted to his first Law School just 5 days after applying! 
He got a call Monday night from the University of Idaho telling him that he had been accepted and also qualified for a $6,000 scholarship! We are so proud of him!! We would love to go to this school! There is also an option to do  his 3rd year in Boise, which would be so fun! 
Cheers to the next adventure!
U of I campus in Moscow, Idaho