Monday, March 31, 2014

oh just talking about stuff

Today I sat at the computer for a good hour looking at housing for Law School. I looked at cute cottages that literally had picket fences. I saw Town-homes that had so much character that made you  see right past the hefty price tag. I saw duplexes with granite counter tops, 2 bathrooms and a washer/dryer. Then I saw the apartments that looked as though only single boys had lived in them. Definitely no washer or dryer. 0% character or charm. Even the pictures look smelly.
But here's the thing: I would still live in that apartment.
I would live in the most un-homey of places as long as we got to be together as a family. no-brainer.

The truly sad part of this tale, is that all these places I have been looking at aren't even at the Law School Dan has been accepted to. These are all hopeful homes in the land of BYU. ahhh doesn't that just sound so nice. BEE WHY YOU. 

We heard back from U of U and Dan didn't get accepted there. (a small tragedy) We were both pretty excited to make SLC our home.

We heard back from Wyoming---he got an amazing scholarship there, but it just doesn't seem to... fit.

And of course there's U of I. YOU of EYE. Truth be told, it's actually a great school with an equally great scholarship. It will be a great place to live. It will be an adventure unlike anything we have experienced together. Housing there is pretty affordable. 
BUT it just doesn't seem like home.
I'm sure the reason for that is simply that we have never been there. We don't have fun memories already formed. We have no idea what roads lead to what stores, or what friends are there waiting for us. 
I am certain that I will love living there. How could I not love living somewhere with my 2 tiny humans and my handsome hubby? 

It's just that darn BYU that is taking over my thoughts for some reason. It keeps saying, "warmer weather, closer to family, LDS school, close to 2 Temples, cougar football games, cozy neighborhoods, close to friends, etc. etc." annoying right?!

Well, if anyone has been to U of I, I would love to hear some uplifting stories that will convince my ever beating BYU heart. :)

Ok, let me focus on something else----here are some cute pics from my phone before we got new ones...
while playing at Shasha's house it got reallllyyy quiet... we took off looking for them and found them upstairs in bed. Lila Rose was reading a book to Stori Rose... talk about cuteness!

fixing hair
first park day of the year. Man I miss being close to Porter Park!
^^ Sylvie's first time swinging was a success! ^^
She was giggling so hard and it was making everyone around us laugh. Stori was laughing so hard she got the hiccups! :)
pretend sleeping on the stairs. I would do this ALL the time when I was little, and on these exact stairs even.

Monday, March 24, 2014

just in the great outdoors of Lewisville

We are loving this mini adventure here in Lewisville before we start our 
Grand Adventure to Northern Idaho! We are soaking up every ounce of sunlight and family time. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SJ7---and another 7 things blog.

When Stori turned 7 months, we did a 7 things blog and it was fun so I decided to do it again with Sylvie June Bug. here we go.

7 things about SDR
* He used to make fun of me for dipping my pop tarts in milk and now he HAS to do it.  
* He is a back-scratch-aholic. "Will you scratch this spot really fast? Ok now just scratch all over."
* He will be the only lawyer to wear a Jurassic Park shirt to work
* He plays tag more than just about any other adult
* If he is home, you better believe he will only be wearing one sock
* He will clean the entire house without me even mentioning that it needs to be done 
* He is never not singing (luckily he has a great voice, and it's usually Frozen songs)

7 Things about Mel
* While others wear their PJs to Walmart, I'm usually there in my best--it's the only time I really get out.
* I'm 28 and live with my Mom.
* I dip a spoonful of peanut butter in chocolate chips and eat that after every meal 
* I originally started loving the color orange when I was young because I felt bad that no one liked it
* I have decided to grow my hair out (which will probably mean I will get it cut next week)
* I had to delete Facebook off my phone so that I wouldn't check it several times a day
* and I am addicted to having kids. I really think I could have 12... but for age-sake, I better not.
7 things about Astoria Rose
* She is made up of 80% "white milk" and 20% goldfish
* She has so much creativity and keeps us laughing all day. 
* She says things like, "Dusty Crophopper is a fellow 'copter plane' of Chupacabra"
* Still sleeps in her crib! she did sleep in a big bed but requested to go back to the crib. I love it!
* She is the best cuddler ever and will request to get cuddly and cozy with blankies 
* She always looks at her Minnie Mouse watch and says it's 17 o'clock
* She is really good at wiping finger prints off of DVD's and getting them going all by herself
7 things about June Bug
* Oh quite literally the sweetest bug ever! She is also very tender hearted.
* She has started scrunching her nose when I ask her to. Oh it's CUTE!
* She is the best little sleeper now! 12 straight hours at night and 3 long naps during the day
*She waits until Dan changes her diaper to do Code Brown and he has PTSD to prove it.
* She was more interested in crawling at 4 months than she is now. Fine by me. :)
* She is a total mama's girl and oh how I LOVE it! (even though she only says "Dadda" and "Daddy"
* Her hair fits into piggy tails!! I probably could have done it 4 months ago, but she looks so old as it is.
playing too hard
She started pooping in the tub so dan moved her over to the potty. She thought it was great! 
what little twins they are! Both with their 'princess punzles' and mouths open
horsey ride for SJ

 These last 2 are some of her scrunchy nose! Oh my heck I love her!

We love you to the moon and back and then back again you little coo-coo-noggin! Happy 7 months!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The pictures that will be lost if I don't blog.

I have discovered that my blogging comes in clusters. 3 blogs in a week and then nothing for a month. It is already time for me to document Sylvie's 7 month tomorrow, but like my title says, If I don't post these other photos first, they will be lost.

So here goes an incredibly random post about absolutely nothing.
First of all, SDR got into Wyoming Law School, and got put on the wait-list at Pepperdine!!!! YAY we have OPTIONS! We are still waiting to hear from BYU or U of U. So proud of him! But for now, U of I is still our top choice! 
I guess you could say my kids like to play dress-up a lot...

She was dressed as "Woody" and I was "Jessie" (from Toy Story)
about every day she is "Marie Darling." The little kitty from Aristocats ^^

Having a sleepover with cousins. Everyone but Stori fell asleep during the movie. After Tangled ended she stood up and said, "That's a good show huh mom?!" Like it was the first time she had ever seen it haha. Midnight rolled around and she was still awake....
All I was trying to do was take a picture of the 2 of us, and just as I put the phone up to take it, she smooched me! Perfect timing! :) I'm her BFF for sure
Her hair is getting SOOOOO LONG!
She could not be any sweeter! 
What happens when I let Dan take Stori to D.I.  In his own words, "Even DI trips can be turned into tactical training exercises." haha
                                                                             Finding new and fun ways to watch the same movies over and over again. SDR built a huge fort that took up the entire downstairs. ^^

SDR and I go running each morning, and I decided to document how we felt at the end of our run...My FAVORITE part (of this horribly unflattering photo of us) is that Dan truly thought he was smiling when I took this picture haha! I'll take another one when we are in better shape! :)

And so ends the most random post in all the land.