Monday, December 21, 2015

bit o fall and a lot o halloween.

October is the month of a million Halloween parties! We only hAd 5 this year though, so not bad! But my kids dress up every day of their lives, so really, the only thing different was the candy! :)
(Had a friend party at our place, but didn't take any pictures! Lame)!
October was also full of evenings spent outside in the nice weather. A favorite adventure of ours was biking the Provo river trail up to Vivian park and back again. Took a break to have a picnic and let the kids play on a few different playgrounds along the way.

In October we also had our first official fire! Sylvie is terrified of it, but Stori loved getting cozy by it. Plus is smells soooo good!
Halloween at dance class. sylvie couldn't let Stori dress up without her dressing up also. She is pro at imitating big sis. Good thing Stori is such a good girl!

^^so sylvie scored some candy too because her dance teacher saw that she had dressed up! The 2 cutest tinkerbells

^^library Halloween party! The 2 cutest snow whites

^^preschool Halloween party 

These next photos are of actual Halloween. We spent it in Clarkston with many cousins, a first dam run, adorable crafts, and extremely yummy food! 

Dan Dan the cheater cheat. He ran the 5k with us, but never registered for it. He said he didn't feel bad. 

^^ya, we spent way too long on these costumes for the run.

^^trick or treating at Lees. More pictures on dans camera.

^^ hahaha I had to zoom in for this picture.. Look at that expression. Haha she makes a pretty cute witch.

 ^pure joy
These tinkerbell photos were taken before they changed their minds and went as a witch and a black cat. Glad we got these cute tinkerbell photos.

^^the man behind all the pretty pictures.
The next few photos are random fall adventures.

And this^^ nothing to do with fall or Halloween, but just a good way to end this post 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Random ketchup

I have given up on getting all my camera pictures and all my phone pictures in one blog post, so I'm just gonna post what I have right this very minute before Christmas is over... Because I still haven't even posted 4th of July! 
So here is a catch up of randomness.
^^park days and patterns 
And I'm loving this blurry picture of these two. Never were there better friends.
^^sylvie and a stranger sitting in a tree... 
They held hands the entire time we played at this play area. At one point he took her to meet her mom, then she brought him over to me to, "say hi my friend." So I said hi to him and they both giggled. What?? 2 years old and already meeting each other's parents.
Evening walks to the new Provo temple... 
^^ and a small batch of homelessness on those walks 
^^ our first trip to the Provo bakery that is exactly 1 block away. It was fun going with cousins. 
^^ what our living room looked like in November. Now there is much much more Christmas flooding the room. Much more.
The first snowfall of the winter. It lasted one day.

Provo has these giant gutters... GIANT! And as I was driving to get Stori from preschool, I saw a little girl from our ward (18 months old) running from street to street with no parents in sight. So I turned around so I could take her home when.... I met the giant gutter up close and personal. There's no getting out of these without being towed, but luck was in my favor. The little girl who was running through the street---well her grandpa just happened to be visiting with his giant truck and wood planks. So we jacked up the car, put the wood under the tires, and drove off. Sounds easier than it was, because it took about an hour. Plus there were about 7 guys from our ward who had come to help me and a good friend who picked up Stori from preschool for me. Embarrassing? Yes. Will I make that mistake again? Probably. Glad I didn't have to get towed.

^^stori is cavity free! She took baby sunset with her for comfort, but she rocked it. She has dans strong teeth for sure--when I was her age I'm pretty sure I had caps on all my teeth! ;) but she also doesn't love candy or sweets so there's that.
^^4 little kitties in a toy chest.
^^preschool field trip to the fire station. My daughter is the crazy one in back.
Oh and here's another crazy daughter! :) both kids change about 237 times a day...  Fun stuff 
Oh and here is this cute little mcgoo!! Her  first school photo! All the heart eyes.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A couple of weekends of Christmas festivities

Downtown Provo is such a fun place to live. We are just 2 blocks from center street so we love to spend time exploring all the little shops. Provo also put on a tree lighting and had a Christmas market with Santa. Lots of little shops lined center street and we sangChristmas   carols waiting for Santa. Then finished the night with fireworks. It was so fun! 
^^petting Santa's reindeer 
^^watching the fireworks 

^^ Santa asked for hugs from Stori after they already sat on his lap. It was so sweet. She wasn't in any hurry to let go either! :)

Provo also had a tree lighting at the Shops at Riverwoods. An outdoor mall. They had singers (the only one I had heard of was byu's Vocal Point, but they were all good), and they also had a Santa. But the line to see him was about a mile long, so we just snapped pictures next to him ha!
^theres Santa! :)
So many lights, it was beautiful! 

We spent an evening in SLC with the Petersons: saw the lights, ate some food, played in the hotel, and most importantly, we rode the 'trolley!' The highlight of the kids night! We rode it from their hotel to the temple and back, but it is all we heard about. The hotel was also their highlight. They loved playing with their cousins and uncle Joel! :) sylvie couldn't get enough of him! Ha! It was such a fun night! Glad we only live 40 min from SLC!

^^ lights at temple square. 

There's so much to love about Provo and I hope we can experience it all before Dan graduates!