Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So Sylvie's 8 month mark was forever ago on the 14th, but we have been busy traveling and doing Law School stuff that I haven't had a chance to update on this cute little bug!
*She is a roller-coaster sleeper! She will sleep great for 3 weeks straight, and then have a week that that she wakes up once at night. She is still an amazing napper and is very easy to put to bed, but when she wakes up that one time at night it feels like I have failed at something! :)
*She is still a little jabber box. Dadda, Momma, Babba, Lalalala, etc.
*She is the laziest little bug--still not even army crawling! hahaha... she chooses to just sit and play all the day long.
*She loves all food! She had her first taste of Fro Yo, licorice, and gummy fish. She loved them all... just don't tell anyone I already had her eat those things...
*She loves swimming, even if it is in a cold lake!
*Her favorite toy is this basket full of fake food. She will take them all out of the basket and put them back in.
*She loves her uncle Tyler! When I show her a picture of him on my phone she starts giggling and kicking her feet. It's bizarre but cute! :)
*She loves going for runs with us each morning
*She loves playing in the bath
*She loves Mommy the most but has stopped her stranger danger and will go to anyone--well anyone but Josh ;)
*She is still taking 3 naps a day with her longest nap from 11:30-2:30ish
*She nurses 4 times a day and has baby food twice a day
*Would rather drink from a straw than a sipper...the weirdy
*Still ZERO teeth!!!
*AND she is still the CUTEST BUG EVER! So sweet and hardly ever ever cries! We all love her so very much and have to fight the urge to squeeeesh her all day!

first time at In-N-Out Las Vegas, NV
first fro-yo at Sams Club
This shows their personalities perfectly! Sylvie the little reserved girl and Stori the wild-child! :) Oh I love them

Love you June Bug! Let's work on crawling or standing this month mmkay?

Oh it's a jolly holiday

We went to Clarkston UT for Easter this year, and the best part about Clarkston is EVERYTHING! The cousins pretty much play with Stori and Sylvie the whole time, and the scenery is perfect in every direction!
There was an egg hunt up at their church, and then we had our own traditional family egg hunt at Meg's house. Stori loved finding all of her specific eggs that were filled with goldfish and marshmallows. That's the extent of the treats she enjoys! :)

After the egg hunt we had a cook-out and then played around the yard; looked at Meg's new bees, pigs, stream for fishing, and their new play area. Stori is quite the city girl who doesn't like to get dirty, but she eventually got to the point where she could step in the mud.

Sunday morning Stori FINALLY got to wear her Easter dress that she has been anxiously waiting for! It's just a little dress from Ross that I added lace and a flower to, but she thinks it is the prettiest princess dress out there! I had fun getting the girls ready for church.

working on her harmonica skills

We had an amazing Easter feast at Aleisa's house. It really was so good that we just sat at the table talking and eating until several of the salads and sides were completely gone. We also had a little competition to see if Megan or Emmy could eat an entire ladle full of cookie salad---neither succeeded sadly.
Stori also loved just playing and playing with cousins at Aleisa's house; flying kites, jumping, playing in the the girls fort, riding bikes, singing Frozen, etc. Cousins are the BEST!
The whole weekend was the best!

I would definitly say the worst part of this whole trip was this... I asked Dan to bring home some ice cream for us to eat after Navajo Tacos. He asked me which kind and I said, "surprise me." My mistake!
He bought Neapolitan! AKA the most disgusting ice cream ever! No one had any except Dan, and even he said it was really gross! haha. It will be a new family joke that I will one day appreciate. Cause I just realllllyyy wanted some yummy Tillamook Ice Cream, so it wasn't super funny at the time. :)
 Ok, I'm done
Happy Easter!

"just like lake Havasu, just like lake Havasu..."

.... this was the chant Stori would say several times a day while on vacation, and now I find myself still saying it. Like this morning when I woke up and it was snowing here in Idaho and it was 70* in Havasu. "why isn't spring 'just like Lake Havasu?'"
I still love you Idaho, but here is the post that made Arizona temporarily have my heart.

We spent 7 wonderful days in Lake Havasu City Arizona. We were definitely surprised at how much we loved it there! (And actually how beautiful it was).
{It also helped that I got to spend all day every day with family}

We were able to run the hills of Havasu in just shorts and t-shirts everyday (And ZERO snow clothes on the kids--talk about wonderful)!

We visited the lake a few times, and it still wasn't enough. It is beautiful and perfect! There are kids play areas all along the Lake and Stori just loved playing for hours there with her cousins.
The original London Bridge is there so we went and walked around that a couple times. It is truly amazing!

Havasu is a super touristy place during Spring Break, but we got there the week that Spring Break ended so we were able to go to the lake without having to shield our eyes, thankfully.
We took a Ferry Ride across the lake to California. It was so fun to be out on the water to get a better view of the city.

About an hour away from Havasu is a little mining town called Oatman. It is kind of like West Yellowstone with little souvenir shops. There are wild Burros just walking around waiting for people to feed them! One white one took a liking to me... the feelings weren't mutual however. It was a fun little adventure there, even with tired, sweaty kids.

A few other highlights;
-it was NOT in our cards to have Chinese food... tried several different restaurants and several different days. no luck.
-In-N-Out 3 times (2 times too many probably)
-Yummy breakfast made by Taylor, and several other homemade meals! Stori had 3 adult-size servings of spaghetti one night.
-one particular shopping trip I bought; 2 kids jackets, 2 Stori button up shirts, and 1 Sylvie deer sweater ALL for $5. Total saving of $175!
-grocery shopping to buy several forms of desserts
-Learned that Kmart is an extremely underrated store.
-Swimming at the Lake---awesome!
-Swimming in a pool that is 90*---amazing! my Aunt's sister has a winter home in Havasu and we were lucky enough to be invited to swim in her pool. Sylvie and Stori LOVED it! Everyone did actually.

The lows:
SLEEPING: Dan and I shared a twin bed! haha we are both pretty good size people so it was super cozy! One night Dan slept on the trampoline with the nephews and one night he slept on the couch while Stori slept with me! ALSO, Sylvie decided to not sleep through the night on the trip! extremely fun I tell ya! :)
But that was the only Low for the trip! Not bad at all.

Ty and Jen have such a fun house and they were the perfect hosts! I just love their little kids! Stori and Levi had a love/hate relationship that turned into more love than hate the last day we were there! The entire vacation was perfect! It is definitely a place we will visit again!

put this picture in mainly to show off Ty's nice legs
notice Levi's big smile and Stori's big cry haha! 


sweaty tired kiddos
For family pictures I dressed up as Quasimodo