Astoria Rose

Astoria Rose will be 2 on July 17, 2013. She is the most joy we have ever experienced, and we love every minute with this sassy-sweet red head. She will become a big sister in August to another little girl and we could not be more excited.

Favorite quotes by Stori at 21 months
-"Oh dare-yaaar!!" (oh there you are)
-"Ryder? Where are you? Oh, home? come here!"
-"I luh lou" (I love you)
-"Oh gross, a hair, oh gross."
-"Oh gosh."
-After a sneeze, "You okay? ok."
-When saying her prayers at night, it usually goes like this, "Father. Thank you. For. daddy, mommy, Lila, Shasha, Drew, Nornie, Ryda, Shasha, Drew, Ryda, Papa, Granny, Temple, Christ Amen." 
-"Where's Ryder? home. landyland." (this is a conversation with herself where she asks and answers her own question. landyland=disneyland)
-When getting ready for bed or getting up from sleeping she has to have "Purple, Moose-Moose, Minne, giraffe and Punzel."
-"Hi granny. Hi granny faween." she must have got that from Dan because I never call my mom Faylene. :)
-after climbing the tricky way up to the slide she shouted, "I DID IT!" then laughed at herself and said, "Oh, haha, I'm funny!"
-when anything is small she scrunches up her nose and says, "Oh CUUUUUTTTTEEEEE!"
-"There's a horse, I ride it!" This goes for any animal or object; bike, motorcycle, cat, dog, Bulls Eye from Toy Story, and even a beaver in one of her books haha.
-when she sees any yellow vehicle she will always say, "Shashas car."
-"I'm Ryda, I'm climbing!" (we are the tower she is climbing up)
-me, "I love you Stori!" Stori- "I luh lou princess!"
-"I luh lou punkin"
-"that rock is big. it's HUGE!" with hands out as far as they go

*She is very good at directions. She knows if we drive past the road that takes us to the park, and she knows which way to turn when we go walking. If we mix it up and take a different route she can still point to the right road to go on. Keep in mind that all of this is pertaining to the park. I doubt she knows the way to the bank. :) She does know every slide from our house to Walmart though, even little tiny baby ones in peoples yards.

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Astoria Rose. Astoria Rosey Rose Rose. Rosie Girl. Astoria Rosebud. Stori. Stori Rose. Sto Ro. So many names, but to most you are just "the girl with all that red hair". You're a celebrity at grocery stores. A hit with the old ladies. Sweeter than cherry pie. Pretty as they come. The girl that made us the happiest parents on earth, and "the cutest ol' gal on the block.

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