Wednesday, July 28, 2010


When we return we will have been married for one whole year! Go us!!
Lots to post about but we're busy packing.
See ya in a week and a half!
not so mental note: Darby, camping, anniversary, birthday, and beach.
P.S. I am 25!!! happy birthday to me


So we finally had a chance to use ALL of our camping stuff that we got for our wedding/bridal shower/birthday gifts. We camped out with Dan's brother Jon, in Darby Canyon. The weather was pitch perfect both days, and our surroundings were like pure melted gold! :)
The day before, Steven Daniel and I went into Jackson and spent the day! It was as beautiful as always and we have so much fun spending time together in the great outdoors! Unfortunately our camera was still broken for all of this....LAME!

We got got EVERYTHING we need for camping, including EVERYTHING to cook with. So we had fun with that part! Our menu consisted of: hot dogs, polish dogs, soda, cookies, and s'mores for dinner, blueberry pancakes (without syrup), eggs, bacon, sausage, and bananas for breakfast, trail mix, apples, sandwiches, and square ice cream for lunch! WOW. 5lbs later.....

Dan is lucky enough to have me around to start all the fires! :)

What adorable brothers posing for a picture! CUTE!

On top of a very tall mountain meditating and controlling the waters...

Filling up our H2O bottles
Posing cause we're cute!

So we hiked Darby and found the monument of those people who died. Just so happened to be August 1st. Creepy that we took a picture, but it was the same day as our anniversary and we love feet pictures! :) We even found a heart-shaped rock. ahh adorable.

This picture below was actually 2 weeks before when we got rained and hailed on. We ran the entire way down because we were kind of scared of being struck by lightning. This was actually the trip that Steven Daniel saw a black bear!!! (or what the rest of us call a "dog")! haha
Dos waterfalls and a tango.

THE CAVE!! it was freezing in there!

We had oodles and oodles of fun. Now on to Tablerock!


Friday, July 16, 2010


Unfortunately our #1 camera has come down with a minor respiratory infection. We had hoped to nurse it back to health in our own home, but we were unable to give it the care it needed. It is currently with the Docter in the ICU. We know that whatever happens to this camera, it will be for the best. Camera-you're in our thoughts.
Camera #2 we sure appreciate you stepping in for us.
Camera #2 didn't do much for us at the Logan Aquatic center. Here are our wrist bands as proof that we went! It was SOOO MUCHHH FUUUUNNN! The temperature was high 90's and the water was perfect. Dan kept calling me weak sauce cause I wouldn't go off the "scary" slide, I would just go off the girly twisty slide. So after almost everyone else left, I earned some 'sauce' by going off the scary slide. TWICE! I did scream so high that dogs could hear, so perhaps that qualified me for BBQ sauce rather than Tabasco sauce.

Aleisa hosted the CFFR5 this year and she did an uh-masssing job! We all put our tents up in her back yard and had a big fatty camp out with 5 tents. Unfortunately the wind was terrible that night so Dan and I camped on Aleisa's floor.
This silhouette picture is of all my brothers. They were measuring heights. The shortest goes to.... dunno. too scared to answer.

So once upon a time my mom and dad got married. they had 7 kids. Those 7 kids got married and added 7 in-laws. that 14 turned to 29 with grandkids. that ends us with 44 and counting! All of us were there to celebrate. Here is a picture of my beautiful mother who started it all! Also a picture of us puting on our race #'s.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Dan and I LOVE feet pictures. Not sure why, but everywhere we go we try to document it with our feet. One day, when we are old fatties, no one will know because you will only see our feet. Anyway, after the 5k, which was such a beeautiful run, Caleb and Cole took us on a 4wheeler ride up in the mountains. We decided that we could def def live in Cache Valley and love our lives.

Resting after the race that everyone totally rocked at. Special shout out to the little kids who ran the whole time. (They won't have to worry about taking feet pictures cause they'll be skinney all there lives).

Us posing on a hay bale next to Aleisa's house in our twinner outfits. Check out her view not how white we are. haha

Pretty sure I have the COOLEST family! I love our CFFR more than words can describe! Aleisa, thanks for such a fun weekend! We stayed at her house from Fri-Mon. We watched movies, ate our weight in M&M's, swam, shopped at RUE 21, ate at Cafe Sabor, saw the car show, went to campus, saw Newton Damn, visited on the porch with perfect views 'til dark, went to the mountains, and enjoyed every minute of our holiday! I am in charge of the CFFR next year and I am already planning it 'cause I love it that much!

If our camera had been healthy and well, we would have had literally hundreds of pictures from the weekend. Oh well. When we got back from Utah we still had 4th of Julyness to enjoy. Menan parade and fireworks were Monday so we had a plethora of celebrations and chocolate milk.
I love having family so close and I love that I have a family of my own now. This was Steven Daniels 2nd CFFR but his first legit one. I just love that man. Let me just end with a typical Daniel text that I get once a day...and reason #16,908 why I love him.

"The love i have for you is 5x's the distance light travels in 5,698 moles of years+ 677x467ax to the 96th divided by .126777. Plus 16 grinches."
who can even compute that? haha it instantly makes my day! Happy 4th to all.