Thursday, February 16, 2017

Update on BabyRad 3

When I went to the doctor at 32 weeks, I was measuring at 31 weeks, which was fine. But when I went to the dr at 34 weeks, I measured at 30 weeks! :( 
So not only was I measuring 4 weeks small, but I actually shrunk--so I had to have an emergency ultrasound to check on baby. We went and measured baby girl and found that she is measuring fine, and was in the 40th percentile @ 5 lbs. So my amniotic fluid is not-so-slowly decreasing. Which can be very dangerous. When I had Sylvie, the dr told me that my fluid could get worse with each kid, and it appears to be true. 
The dr scheduled me to be induced on March 21, and if things keep getting worse, I could possibly be started sooner. So I have 4 weeks (or less) left until baby arrives! It is going to go by SO FAST! 
Nesting has also kicked in even worse!!! Oh gosh I can't even count how many times I have organized, deep cleaned, and rearranged our entire house, and how many loads of things I've sent to DI. It's such a good feeling. 
I set up the bassinet, got the car seat ready, started pinning freezer meals, and washed all the NB-6 mo clothes and blankies (oh goodness that was the sweetest laundry I've ever done)! It was so fun to fold itty bitty onsies. 
Although it's so much easier having baby cookin' inside, we are all getting pretty anxious to meet this little beauty. (Had a dream last night that she was another little red-head 😍). 
Here are some 34 and 35 week belly shots. (Mixed with random bike photos).
^this one is a 34 weeker...
Some biking around Provo with my favorite crew. Stori is such a little rockstar on her bike. Sylvie still struggles with going fast, so when we do family bike rides, she just hitches a ride on the back of mine. I get back scratches the whole time, so it's kinda the best. ;)

Here are the best 35 week photos I could get. Stori held up the mirror so I could get a full body shot, but then Sylvie jumped in the pic. So we put the mirror down, and I gave up and just got all 3 baby girls in the photo with me. Which is much better than just boring old me.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A cute lil' ol' lady, a holiday, and some sunshine.

I LOVE having a little girl in Kindergarten. They have so many dress-up days and celebrations, which bring joy to both of us. 
On the 100th day of school, the kids got to dress up as old people, and she picked out her outfit from stuff she wears all the time haha. We did add the string to the glasses, put baby powder and rollers in her hair, added wrinkles, thick tights and socks, and some treasured jewelry. She had a blast at her party, and looked so darn cute.

^^Stori's smile that she does when she pushes her tongue through her missing tooth spot. Haha. It's not an awkward smile at all.... 
^^pinching the cute little kids' cheeks
^^Sylvie also loves having someone in kindergarten. When we pick up Stori, all of the younger siblings of Stori's friends get to play together until school is out. And then after we pick them up, they all continue to play for up to an hour just outside the school. It's amazing how those 7 kids can entertain themselves on cement steps and a handicap ramp for so long.
^^ Stori made a necklace out of 100 pieces of cereal, (for the 100th day), and was more than happy to share her necklace with June Bug. They kept taking bike breaks to fuel up.
We have had a few near 70* days here in Provo, and it feels so good to bust out of hibernation. The first day it was 68* we were only inside when it got dark. Went for 3 different walks, a bike ride, a park trip, and some sidewalk chalk outside our back door. Oh how we are craving summer something bad!!
^^ we hit up the library several times a week, and this is one of my favorite views.
^^Galentine's party at Hazels house with friends. We had a 'pink everythig' waffle party, and I'm not even going to pretend that I got any good pictures of that fun afternoon, or even pictures of all the girls. But the kids had a blast, and I had fun with adults while the kids crafted, played, and ate.

For the month of February leading up to Valentine's Day, Dan and I would each write what we love about the kids on a little heart and put it in my tiny mailbox. We forgot a lot of the days, but Stori was quick to remind us haha. We decided that we wouldn't do anything big for the kids for the actual holiday, but at 4am Valentine's Day, I woke up feeling super bad that we did nothing for the first time. I knew they would get a lot of candy at their several parties, so I ran to Smiths and got a pink tablecloth, streamers, yummy breakfast stuff, and a tiny beanie boo for each of them. I am so glad I did. They woke up and saw the table with the beanie boos, and wouldn't stop hugging me or telling me how much they love me. They are so easy to love, and Dan and I are the luckiest parents to have such sweet kids

^^flashing the "I love you" sign to send to daddy at work. It was a fun holiday for sure.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Family pictures and our Christmas cards

Just posting our family pictures that Dan took with self timer back when I was only 20 weeks. We debated taking them at all because I wanted to be either more pregnant, or less pregnant, but we did them anyway--right in the middle of the is-she-chubby-or-pregnant stage. 

Also, here is the card we put with our family picture.
-2016 was a year full of ups and downs.
My weight went up, and dans sure went down.
-That might be because...maybe just maybe,
that dan goes running, and I'm having a baby! 
-The year was full of laughter and fun,
and living in Provo, means so much sun. 
-We learned how to manage work and play, 
by going swimming nearly every day.
-Stori became a little fish in the water. 
And Sylvie became our thrill seeking daughter
-Dan had a fantastic lawyer job 
which is significantly better than being in the mob.
-Mel won a championship in volleyball,
but being pregnant she kinda had to crawl.
-the girls started dance; jazz and ballet,
They love it so much and wish it was everyday.
-we enjoyed time with family near and far, 
And got to travel to see them in our new car.
-Sylvie wants so badly to be in school,
But we practice at home, and she ain't no fool. 
-Stori learned to ride her new bike,
And we started the tradition, "on Wednesday's we hike."
-we love it here in Provo, yes we do,
and our kids became fans of the great BYU! 
-This poem seems to be losing its jive, so I'll end it by naming our
 2016 top 5

5. Stori starting kindergarten
4. Dan started his LAST year of Law School!
3. Disneyland/California friend reunion
2. Christensen reunion/Radford reunion.
1. Finding out we are expecting baby GIRL Radford #3. 

We're grateful to know people so dear,
And we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! 

It was a very last minute photo shoot, but the weather was nice, and the kids were willing to work for licorice, so it was great! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Having fun with SDR

We love having so much time with Daddy! When he isn't at school, work, or mutual, we try to get out of the house as a family as much as possible. 

Took a snowy drive up through Sundance at Provo Canyon. It was unbelievably beautiful. I love taking pictures of Dan taking pictures.

We were pretty content to have no more snow after Christmas, but this winter decided to be the snowiest in over 30 years (it's finally all gone now), but we still managed to enjoy it as much as we could. 
We spent one day making this suuuuuper creepy family of snowmen. Little tiny baby rad was a favorite for the kids to make. (And that giant black bar is not part of dans snowman, it is part of our house haha)

How cute is Dan? This is how he has decorated his side of the bed. With all of Stori and Sylvie's card/crafts for him. The girls color him probably 3 new cards a day, but we try to filter out the more meaningful ones. The one with the house is an "I'm Sorry" card Stori made for Dan after she didn't pick up her toys when he asked her. The little card by it was her Christmas present to him--she wrote and illustrated a story for him. Top and bottom left are birthday pictures, and the shark is just a shark. :) 

I let Dan sleep in one Saturday morning, and Stori had climbed up in bed with him and fell back asleep as the little spoon haha. She was probably mid-scratching his back when she fell asleep. She usually wakes us up in the mornings by scratching our backs and asking to check the weather on my phone.

Dan plays slap-jack and memory with Stori every night, and one day I walked in on Stori teaching Sylvie slap-jack and letting her slap all of the jacks followed by, "Sylvie you are such a smart little girl! You are so great at slapping the jacks!" :)

this last Saturday was Sunny AND 55* so we took to the Provo River trail for a little 3 mile walk. We parked over by our old condo (that our kids still talk about as their favorite place to live) and did the trail that we did daily 2 years ago. It was fun not having to push them in a stroller because they are big enough to do it all on their own. We packed a picnic, and let the kids go at their own pace. They stopped to climb a few different trees along the way.
It's really fun to climb those trees.....
...until you realize you have no idea how to get down haha

Stori as a cheetah

^Stori wanted to take a picture of us by the waterfall, but didn't get the actual waterfall l in the picture. she looked at this picture right after she took it and said, "hmmm well that's not a great picture of you guys." Haha she is so right, it is an awful picture.
Stori and Sylvie were so excited to see the ducks that we used to feed all the time. They even gave them half of their lunch. 
After the walk, we headed to Macey's for some ice cream cones, and then Dan and I had Cafe Rio for dinner after the littles were asleep. It was such a fun day together.

A few girls that I sorta like...

Here is the newest little Sunbeam at church. She was a little hesitant to go, but having big sister in there was a huge help for her. Stori is now a CTR 5 and such a good little helper. I think I'll keep both of them around.

Trying to document a little of the pregnancy, so baby rad 3 doesn't feel so left out haha. I took one after church, but the rest are of my daily attire...sometimes I will change right before Dan comes home so as to appear that I actually get ready. Oh, and when I go to Target, I totally put on black leggings to spice things up.

These are somewhere between 29 and 31 weeks. I actually can't remember which picture belongs to which week.

^^Love walking to the Temple with these little sweeties and their Dad.
Stori showing off that she lost her most favorite tooth ever. She may be dramatic, but we think she is pretty cute. I tied some floss around it and told her I just wanted to see how loose it was. Well I gave it one tiny tug and out it went. 
Took this selfie of all 3 of my girls (baby @ 32 weeks) when all the sickness started. It was actually the fun kind of sickness where they just want to cuddle on you for 2 days straight and want to go to bed at 6pm and sleep until 9am. One night when the kids were out at 6, Dan and I decided to go to bed at 9:30 (we usually go to bed around midnight), and it was the best decision ever. I woke up at 4am to go to the bathroom and felt so well rested, and still had 4 more hours to sleep before I had to wake up the kids to go to school. I cleaned the house, had dinner in the crockpot, showered, and did 2 loads of laundry all before getting Stori from school at 11:30. I thought about going to bed early every so I could be this productive, but I was back to my midnight bedtime the next day. 
^^Sylvie was too sick to go to dance, and couldn't even stay awake for the 5 minute drive there while blasting Shake It Off.
^^One of our Wednesday Play Dates. there is only one boy, but he fits right in. These kids sometimes play for 4 hours at these play dates, and I love it. It's so easy to entertain my kids when other kids are doing it for me!! ;) On this particular day we did a movie party at our place with popcorn. It was great fun.