Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Debbie downer

I'm totally being a depressed little Debbie downer when it comes to leaving Provo. 

I realize that we have zero income and it makes the most sense to move to Idaho for June and July while dan studies and takes the BAR... but man do I love this little city. I went on a run tonight (all 1.5 miles of it), ran down center street and got super sentimental thinking of all our friends here... and the mountains... and the awesome downtown... and the fun ward... and all of my girls' best friends they have here. After a play date last week (one that lasted 5 hours) Stori climbed on my bed and dramatically stared out the window and then started sobbing. She told me she really loves her friends and doesn't want to leave them. Man that smashed my little heart into pieces. 

Once we move to Idaho, I know she will be able to make new friends and will LOVE living by dans family and my family. She will miss her very bestie Kenzi, and her other bffs caprice, temperance, Riley (the cutest boy in kindergarten), and savanna. I also know that Sylvie will make friends quickly, but man does she love her bff Hailey. And hazel, coleson, Emory, and Hudson. My kids have seriously been blessed with amazing friends. 
So I'm out running and thinking about all of this and realized that I'm super dramatic haha and that I knew this day would come. In fact, counted down the days until dan was done. But now that it's here, I'm gonna be a little baby and cry about moving on. Haha. Hopefully it won't be too long before we find our forever home and have to say a few less goodbyes. 
With all that said, this summer should be really really fun! Idaho summers are amazing! Plus we will have a lot of family living there and coming for a visit, which will be the perfect medicine to cure my Provo loving blues. 

^^first day of preschool... looks like I need an updated picture with caprice

Monday, April 24, 2017

One month Georgia Belle

Still unsure what color her eyes will be. Most days they look blue, but occasionally look super brown?!
Eating schedule: 7:30 am (I usually have to wake her up to feed her before I take Stori to school)
10:30, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and then I feed her at 9pm when I lay her down for the night. She will sleep from 9-5:30am, then back down until I wake her in the morn. 
I try to keep her awake between the 7:30pm and 9pm feeding so that she will go to bed easier. Working really good so far. I think within the next few weeks I will take away that 9 o'clock feeding. 
She is very strong and loves to stand when we hold her by her armpits. Not really smiling yet, but probably because she sleeps the day away. Only awake for maaaaybe 5 hours total haha. 
She is such a good easy baby. I don't want to jinx anything, but truly a dream baby. The only time she really gets fussy is when I'm keeping her awake at night, before bed. I'm only aware that she's hungry in the middle of the night because she makes little tiny noises like she's trying to get her binky. She will cry when she gets too cold too... like after a blowout and she has to be a nakey baby while I change her.
She loves to be held, only kind of likes being a burrito baby, has to be convinced that she likes her binky, and absolutely hates the boogie sucker. 
She has been my most difficult nurser out of all my kids, but it's still pretty great. She just has trouble staying latched in the beginning and that results in milk shooting everywhere (tmi). But it's cool baby Georgia, I love taking milk baths. 
Weighs about 7lbs and growing wasaay too fast. Even though I'm currently still in the perfect newborn stage, I'm already missing it. She is the cutest little thing and is so adored by everyone in this house! 

πŸ“Έ Stori ^^
Creepily put my hair on Georgia's head, to make her have long hair. Turns out our hair is almost the exact same color, and that I am easily entertained ^^
The girls are convinced that when she sticks her tongue out, it means that she loves them. They get so excited when she says "i love you" and will stick their tongues out back at her haha

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter time

This was our very first time not having Easter Sunday with family. It definitely did feel weird, but also kinda nice spending a nice beautiful day in Provo as a small family. We attended church, and then dan cooked us roast with potatoes and carrots, and a salad. After dan cleaned up the kitchen (ya, I married a keeper), we walked to the temple and hung out there for a bit. The girls found stranger friends immediately and played with them while dan and I sat and talked. 
The Friday before Easter, we drove to Clarkston and stayed until Saturday night. We did our traditional Easter egg hunt/BBQ. Then dan and i went into Logan with meg and Joel to do a little shopping while Maizy stayed home with the kids (Georgia Belle came along). then when we got back to Provo, Josh's family stopped at our house to meet Georgia and talked until almost midnight. It was a fast fun holiday, and i of course barely took any pictures.

Battle Creek falls

Georgia completed her very first hike, and we all crossed off another Provo bucket list item. 
The hike to battle creek falls was a bit shorter than we had planned for, but it was a great length for the kiddos. It was 1.5 miles and had a fun waterfall at the end where we ate our picnic. Georgia slept the whole time of course 😊. The kids always seem to run out of gas until they see a steep part of the mountain and then they magically have enough energy to scale the steep mountainside and climb every tree in sight. 
Can't wait for more hikes as a family of 5

Monday, April 10, 2017

Birth story (and a few too many pictures)

6lbs 7oz. 19 in.
MARCH 20, 2017
{8 days early}

So I already blogged about the hiked/walk we did to bridal veil falls on Sunday the 19th, the day I went into labor. It was a great day from start to finish, and I actually didn't experience any contractions or Braxton hicks the whole day. We had dans parents, some of his siblings, and my mom over for a BBQ (80* that day), and still no signs of labor anytime soon. 
Then around 9:30 that night, while watching some tv, I started having some real, and very painful contractions. I decided to time them because they felt different than other ones I had had before. They were about 3 minutes apart, and lasting 45 seconds. I decided to tell dan and my mom, after only having 4 of them, that maybe this is the real deal. We started packing our bags and slightly freaking out. I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, so my brain was not prepared to go into labor on its own. (but so glad I did, I was wanting that experience). I was running around trying to fill my mom in on the basics of the Radford household (luckily she had come a day earlier than originally planned, so she was at least familiar with which door leads to which room in our home 😜). 
We took off for the hospital, and I had several more very intense contractions. We walked into the hospital around 10:30, and that's when I had a reallyyy bad contraction. The receptionist saw me and immediately ran to get me a wheel chair. I still wasn't convinced I was in labor, but apparently I looked the part. At this point I had only been having contractions for an hour, so I wasn't sure if they would send me home. 
When I got to my room and hooked up to monitors, I only had about 3 contractions before my water broke--which happened during a pretty intense one. Weirdest, yet coolest, feeling ever. It was the first time I had experienced it naturally in all my labors. The nurse happily said, "well we won't be sending you home I guess." :) 
Each contraction became stronger and stronger, and I seriously wondered how anyone could do this without an epidural. I only lasted about an hour after my water broke before the nice man came and gave me the glorious medicine from heaven. 
After the epidural, I had about 20 minutes before I started feeling my contractions again. So a nurse checked me and I had gone from a 6.5 to a 10 in those 20 minutes. She could feel babies head and called for the doc. He came and I pushed 3 times and she was born!! After the first push dan said, "yay, she has a lot of hair." That's when I started crying for some hormonal reason and didn't stop for a while. I was so ready to hold my baby and make sure she was healthy and strong. It was a pretty stressful week leading up to her birth, not knowing what the fluid around her heart was. 
Despite that, the whole labor process felt so casual and relaxed almost; It was the middle of the night so everything was calm and quiet in the hospital, it was dark outside and the lights inside were dimmed, and the labor was going so smoothly so there was no rushed feeling. It was really great. I didn't tear at all, but I did experience some really bad shaking. It was so bad that they had to keep my blood pressure cuff on my leg so that it could actually read. It didn't last long, but it sure was frustrating.
 Delivery is such an amazing experience--just the love you immediately feel for the human is indescribable. You think you love them so much when they are in the womb, but when that last push is done--man, it's something else.
I only got to hold sweet baby Georgia for about 2 minutes before they had to go check her vitals. She had swallowed a lot of fluid, so they suctioned that out, and cleaned her off a bit. The nurse commented that she she was the wiggliest baby, and she nearly rolled over to her belly a few times! 
I did skin to skin for about an hour until they took us to our recovery room, and then got to feed her. She was a champ at eating right away. I should have tried to sleep, but I couldn't put her down. Luckily dan was able to get some rest until he ran home to grab my mom and the girls... I had gone into labor after they were in bed, so they were in for the best surprise of their lives haha. Seeing them walk into the room made my mama heart so full. They are OBSESSED with baby sister. Stori was her biggest fan, and didn't like sharing her with anyone else. 
Dans parents just happened to be in town en route to California, so they luckily got to come and meet Georgia before they had to leave. Uncle josh came from SLC to spoil his little nieces and cuddle baby Georgia. (I love writing her name 😍)
Later that night, dan took my mom and girls home for bed, then he came back to have the Stork dinner. He's pretty smitten with his new little girl, so he held her until he went back home to help with the girls.
I didn't get to go home until Tuesday evening around 10:30 because I was group B strep positive and they didn't have enough time to give me both doses of antibiotics. So they had to evaluate her for that, and they also did x-rays and tests on her heart to make sure everything was good. Longest 2 days ever! I was ready to be home with my family and sleep in my own bed. So Tuesday night we packed up little George Belle, put her in the same outfit that her older sisters wore home, and finally busted out of that hospital. 
Since being home, Georgia hasn't been put down (between me, my mom, and the girls). She is a very spoiled newborn. 
When she was 2 days old, we initiated her into the Radford lifestyle; went to Sams club, ROSS, Maceys, and sadly to the doctor to have her blood drawn to check her jaundice levels. (Which she failed, and had to do it again 2 days later-which was also when we found out that my insurance wasn't covered at the hospitalπŸ™„πŸ˜­ but that's a story for another day).
Her daddy had school from 8 am until way late in the evening all week, so it was sooooo nice having my mom here to help and keep me company. I was not ready for her to leave! 
We had my mom with us for a week, and only had one lazy day. We kept pretty busy; shopping, doctor visits, school pickups, and an adorable photo shoot. We also went to beauty and the beast, and Georgia slept the whole time in my wrap. So cozy! 
We love having this sweet little peach in our family, and can't stop kissing her perfect little face!! Georgia Belle, we "love you SO much! Best friends! Forever! Annnnd everrrr!"
Oh and Dan surprised me when I got home from the hospital, and bought me a super nice rocker/recliner chair... so I thought I would do something nice for him too... I got him a frying pan. Haha.

Just got told I could stay at the hospital ^

so dan hunkered down foe a nice little nap... but it didn't last long because of how fast the labor went!

really wanting to hold my baby!!! ^^ 

^^ SLEEPING dan in the background! :)
^^ most tired face in all the land... but so in love!

Dan worked hard for that baby
All about that hospital mug! and she is smaller than it!

those tiny toes!
we belong together!

so happy to be ordering food. Dan loves this picture haha.

The cutest sign that I came home to.
and the outfit that all of my baby have worn home. Love those 3 so much!