Wednesday, December 13, 2017

our next adventure--is it too good to be true?

Back in September, Dan was offered an attorney position in Twin Falls, ID. We were excited, and even went over and signed our housing contract. Well on our way home both of us really started to get this sick feeling. Long story short, we ended up turning the job down. So fast forward to October for another job offer, this time in Riverdale, UT. Dan was in contact with them off and on for about a month. He really wasn't quite sure what to think about them. In response to his application, they just replied with an email that said, "Why would you want to relocate to Utah for this job, especially when the BYU football team sucks so bad right now." that was it. haha
So they sent some pretty funny emails back and forth. We really got a good laugh reading them each time.
You've probably gathered that these attorneys aren't your typical lawyers... for further proof, instead of a formal interview, they just took him out to lunch and talked for 2.5 hours. Partly about the job, but mostly about other stuff. I actually think that's a good way to do it. Every application they get is filled with super smart Law School grads, but they wanted to make sure that they would actually get along with the person before hiring them. So they left the lunch and told Dan to go talk with me and they would let him know.

But their quirky ways don't end there:
  Dan texted them to ask if they had made a decision yet, and all the partner said was:
---"Sorry, I don't know who this is."
so dan replied a little defeated...
*"Steven Radford."
(and while dan was texting him back he said...)
---"Just kidding, i know who this is, and we are excited for you to start work."
Haha dan nearly had a heart attack.
.....I think I like those guys.... funny, sometimes sarcastic, but still good guys that are actually both in the bishopric.
So that was one of our options. He also interviewed with a judge in Twin Falls and was offered that position. It would have been good experience, but he ended up turning Twin Falls down for the second time and has an interview in Logan tomorrow.  haha. He's not sure if he will end up going to the interview, but he kind of wants to go, just so he doesn't have to always wonder. *update. he decided to not go to that interview, but is headed to an interview in Provo this evening. Which is our dream location. He has actually had 2 Provo interviews set up recently. He interviewed with one last monday also. 

He actually started the Riverdale job December 4th, so I guess that is where this next adventure will take us! So crazy to think about. I really think this job is a good fit for dan. The two partners take him out to lunch everyday and really stress that they want dan to focus on family and having hobbies. They said they didn't want to hire someone who was really "lawyerly," and hate when lawyers are stuck up and hot headed. They also said they swear occasionally and have been known to brandish fire arms. Hello! that is totally dan. haha. They actually talk guns at their lunches, and they made fun of him for wearing a suit to meet them. haha.  Plus he will be a private contractor, so they can't tell him when he can and can't work, or how many hours he has to put in. If he wants to work 10 hrs or 40 hrs, it's up to dan. The two partners never work more than 30hrs a week because they spend time doing other fun things. That makes me happy. I hope it is a great fit.
As it is now, Dan comes home friday after work, and stays until Monday morning. He leaves here around 7am to get to work by 10---again, he told them he wants to start work later on mondays so he can have the whole weekend with his family, and they are A-OK with that! He stays with our good friends in Kaysville Monday night -Thursday night. Hopefully the girls and I will move down there with him after Christmas--just in time for Stori to start school fresh in January. Hopefully! housing is so expensive, so we need a few paychecks before we officially move. We also wanted to make sure this was a legit job first too haha. It just seems too good go be true!! only time will tell.

I'm very excited to get going with dans career, but also very sad that our kids will have to move during the school year, and away from family. Good thing they are young and make friends really easily. It's still a little sad to see them say goodbye to their best little friends all the time. stability is for the birds.

 A twin falls picture to document us living there, and then not living there. ha
and I just like this picture of me sitting on the couch eating a chocolate pudding while dan cleans. ha.

p.s. there is actually one good thing of having dan out of town--i get the sappiest love texts from him all week haha. He sure misses his family. and i have screen shots of his texts to keep forever, but he would probably kill me if I posted them. ;)
okay, I'll post just one... but I will make it really small and hard to read haha.
p.p.s. I may have been a little too excited that the firm is located in RIVERDALE. i mean, what a cool name for a show, and a city! ;)

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