Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The last week before baby comes

... which might be a lot sooner than planned?? I had a growth ultrasound yesterday, and they found fluid around babies heart. 😔 Not sure exactly what it means, but I've been referred to a specialist to get a second opinion. I go get a stress test done tomorrow, and if i pass, I should be able to make it a few days more, but if I fail, then I will probably be induced right away?? Really hoping and praying that baby rad 3 will be born healthy and at the right time. I feel bad about the timing right now--adding more stress to dans week.. he has his big MPRE test this Saturday. I can't take my kids with me to the stress test, so he has to take off more school and put off more studying to help me out. He's a gem I tell ya.
^^and here's proof. Stori looks forward to her monthly daddy daughter dates so much. She plans her outfits all the way down to her gloves and glass slippers, a week in advance. She asks to go to the gun store after they get her pizza (she earns personal pan pizzas every month for reading--which she is doing so great at!!) she also makes sure that he opens her doors and tells him he has to be a real gentleman. When they get home she tells me all about their date. The highlight this time was when the Pizza Hut worker told her she had an amazing voice. Confused, I asked her why he said that..."because I was singling Bad Romance and dancing while he was making my food." Oh gosh! That darn song is on so many kids movies that I'm sure everyone thinks I let her listen to lady Gaga all the time. haha.
^^ when the kids wake up, they head to the books and Stori will read to Sylvie until it's time for breakfast. And after breakfast, she gets more books to read while I fix her hair. It's so nice that she can read to her little sister. Sylvie likes to pretend to read too, and Stori is kind enough to tell her good job, when clearly every book is not about "a land far far away, and long long ago where these princesses..."
The weather has been so amazing lately. 70* and sunny most days. We are trying to get as much play time as we can before baby sister joins us. We park hop (sometimes 2 different ones in one day), we take short hikes to waterfalls, ride bikes, go for night night walks, and walk to/from Stori's school. On our hike this week, we let the kids take the lead, and we just hiked at their pace. They stopped and played on every boulder we came across. Sylvie found ^^ this chair rock that she took her "nap on."
Stori came home with some pretty gnarly scrapes and bruises from all of her climbing.
(almost) Spring is a glorious time in Provo.

Hoping my next post involves a happy healthy little baby girl in it! 6 days or less!! Getting so excited to meet that loved little one. And I'm thinking Stori and I are going to have to battle over who gets to hold her all day. 

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  1. I can't believe baby sister is HERE now as I read this! And sounds like the timing was pretty good, after Dan's big test and on he first day of spring! I can't wait to see more pictures of her and hear more about labor and how big sisters are loving her!