Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Or more appropriately INFAMOUS...
I got a text from Carmen, dans brothers girlfriend, telling me she was scrolling through Reddit (I know it's a social media app, but I don't know how it works at all) and saw the video clip of dan catching Stori from a hay bail and knocking over Sylvie. It got 1.2 million views that day and was in the top 5 trending videos. Haha I don't know how it got in there, but man the comments were horrible! Apparently dan is an awful father and should be in prison for abuse. There were thousands and thousands of comments, and so many of them were full of F words, and "doctors" saying that Sylvie was concussed. Haha Sylvie was perfectly safe and got right back up. I just couldn't believe that many people had time to comment on something so insignificant to their personal life. But then again, It was pretty entertaining...and that's why "the mom couldn't stop recording to even save her own kid." 

And I don't have that clip handy to share again (it's on my YouTube, but I can't remember my login and such) but here is more reckless parenting with dan and Sylvie from 3 years ago. "spider sylvie."

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