Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Self timer family photos!

we decided to take these family pictures about 2 hours before we went and took them. We drove until we saw something kinda pretty, but also something really close because the sun was setting fast. we rummaged through clothes and found some that kind of went together. We didn't hire anyone, we just used the self timer, so our expectations were pretty low. I think some of them turned out though. I especially love the ones of the 3 girls sitting down. So cute!


  1. Ummm, just one post and I have about a MILLION things I want to say! Mostly about how I miss you guys. Also, your hair is gorgeous and so long and just looks sooo nice. Your girls are the cutest! Seriously, Stori and Tracen better get married, if not I guess we have 2 back ups haha. And Georgia? Like does it get any cuter? Also the ones of you and Dan!! OH man! lOve you!

  2. of course Sylvie is perfect and adorable too! I don't want you to think I don't love her as much as the rest of you!

  3. I think they turned out AMAZING! I love all of them! I wish we would have had Dan take ours that Sunday we were there in October :( Doesn't look like we're going to get any done before Christmas.
    Love and miss you guys!