Monday, April 24, 2017

One month Georgia Belle

Still unsure what color her eyes will be. Most days they look blue, but occasionally look super brown?!
Eating schedule: 7:30 am (I usually have to wake her up to feed her before I take Stori to school)
10:30, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and then I feed her at 9pm when I lay her down for the night. She will sleep from 9-5:30am, then back down until I wake her in the morn. 
I try to keep her awake between the 7:30pm and 9pm feeding so that she will go to bed easier. Working really good so far. I think within the next few weeks I will take away that 9 o'clock feeding. 
She is very strong and loves to stand when we hold her by her armpits. Not really smiling yet, but probably because she sleeps the day away. Only awake for maaaaybe 5 hours total haha. 
She is such a good easy baby. I don't want to jinx anything, but truly a dream baby. The only time she really gets fussy is when I'm keeping her awake at night, before bed. I'm only aware that she's hungry in the middle of the night because she makes little tiny noises like she's trying to get her binky. She will cry when she gets too cold too... like after a blowout and she has to be a nakey baby while I change her.
She loves to be held, only kind of likes being a burrito baby, has to be convinced that she likes her binky, and absolutely hates the boogie sucker. 
She has been my most difficult nurser out of all my kids, but it's still pretty great. She just has trouble staying latched in the beginning and that results in milk shooting everywhere (tmi). But it's cool baby Georgia, I love taking milk baths. 
Weighs about 7lbs and growing wasaay too fast. Even though I'm currently still in the perfect newborn stage, I'm already missing it. She is the cutest little thing and is so adored by everyone in this house! 

📸 Stori ^^
Creepily put my hair on Georgia's head, to make her have long hair. Turns out our hair is almost the exact same color, and that I am easily entertained ^^
The girls are convinced that when she sticks her tongue out, it means that she loves them. They get so excited when she says "i love you" and will stick their tongues out back at her haha

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