Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter time

This was our very first time not having Easter Sunday with family. It definitely did feel weird, but also kinda nice spending a nice beautiful day in Provo as a small family. We attended church, and then dan cooked us roast with potatoes and carrots, and a salad. After dan cleaned up the kitchen (ya, I married a keeper), we walked to the temple and hung out there for a bit. The girls found stranger friends immediately and played with them while dan and I sat and talked. 
The Friday before Easter, we drove to Clarkston and stayed until Saturday night. We did our traditional Easter egg hunt/BBQ. Then dan and i went into Logan with meg and Joel to do a little shopping while Maizy stayed home with the kids (Georgia Belle came along). then when we got back to Provo, Josh's family stopped at our house to meet Georgia and talked until almost midnight. It was a fast fun holiday, and i of course barely took any pictures.

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  1. I love that kids make stranger friends wherever we go. Tracen usually tells me that he got invited to their birthday party and he's going to invite them to his etc etc. And I love those sweet girls of yours! We had a quiet easter with just us too, and it was so nice!